With the squeeze on family income it’s no wonder people try to save money wherever they can, but is it work saving a few pounds on getting your Will professionally written by writing it yourself.  A simple mistake, such as not having the right number of witnesses or them not being properly independent could completely invalidate your Will in which case you will have no say over how your Estate is distributed and it could all go to the State!  Here as some of the more common mistakes

  1. Making changes to the Will once it has been printed, signed and witnessed
  2. Forgetting to name any Executors
  3. Not properly identifying a beneficiary
  4. Being too specific indentifying gifts
  5. Not having two witnesses
  6. Not having both witnesses present at the time you sign the Will
  7. Assuming your partner gets a share of your Estate
  8. Getting married
  9. Getting divorced
  10. Excluding step-children
  11. Assuming you’ll die first
  12. Disinheriting without a reason
  13. Lacking full capacity
  14. Storing photocopies

If you would like a copy of my 20-page guide to writing a Will and the mistakes to avoid please request one by emailing me here
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