Have you heard about the M-Word?  It’s being promoted here by Lloyds Bank at the moment.

Why is the M-word so important to you?  Well to avoid your Will being contested, it’s good your family know your intentions before you die.  It will save plenty of squabling and disagreements.  It’s hard to talk about but it’s a responsible way to deal with things.

If any of these things have happened to you recently then you definitely need to have your Will reviewed

  • Your marital status changes i.e. you get married, divorced or remarried
  • You have or adopt a child(ren)
  • You move home
  • A guardian, executor, trustee or beneficiary moves away, dies or no longer can/wants to fulfil the role
  • There is a substantial change to your property value
  • Your children are no longer minors (under 18) and can manage their own financial matters
  • You have forgotten anybody you would now like to mention
  • You would like to leave a gift to charity.

Contact me if your circumstances have changed recently



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