If it sounds familiar it’s the title of a song by Bob Dylan, and hugely apt as it goes.

Ken Dodd who sadly passed away aged 90, just over a year ago has made an amazing gift to the people of Liverpool.  He secretly married his long-term partner Anne Jones in his home just 48 hours before he died and in so doing  escaped a huge Inheritance Tax (IHT) bill on his £27.7m fortune.

In addition to a number of charities , one of his beneficiaries was St John The Evangelist church and church hall just yards from the house in Liverpool where he lived all his life.

The church hall is the subject of a major restoration and extension, while the church’s clock is being repaired and renovated.


People have wanted to see the clock being restored for years, and they have been putting money into a fund.

It has now been revealed the clock of the church he attended all his life is going to chime again for the first time in 30 years following Ken’s wishes.  What a wonderful legacy.

Remember, there’s no Inheritance Tax (IHT) between husband and wife.

Although you can leave everything to your unmarried partner in your Will, you will not escape being assessed for IHT.  However, if you’ve not written a Will your unmarried partner will get nothing, regardless of he length to time you’ve been together, so is it time to write a Will or get married?

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