"Few people think about writing a Will , but not doing so can cost you dear"

Unless you make a will, your estate may not pass to the people you want it to. And should you pass away without one, the law decides how your assets are distributed.People who die without a will (or ‘intestate’ as it is known) can leave their families with complex financial affairs to deal. And the monies your family needs are not always there when they are needed most.

Making a will enables you to determine who will handle your affairs after your death. You can also decide who will act as a guardian for any children left without a surviving parent.We understand that nobody likes to think about making a will, yet it is one of the most important financial planning actions anyone can take. It’s also very simple to do and relatively inexpensive.

Advice from one of our consultants will help you to understand the legal jargon, and ensure that your will is legally valid. We’ll guide you through the process and help you think through how your estate should be divided.

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