Single & Joint Wills


Many of us aren’t very good at talking about death, so it’s not surprising that over 70% of us risk leaving our nearest and dearest with a lot of hassle and confusion by not making a Will.   The main reasons for people not having a Will fall into a number of categories:


  • They haven’t got around to doing it
  • They haven’t even thought about it
  • They think they are too young
  • They think their estate is not large enough
  • They think their estate will go to the right people anyway
  • They don’t want to confront their own mortality


But many people put off making a Will simply because they are not aware of the severe consequences to their family if anything was to happen to them. They just assume that everything will be OK.

However, if you care about your family, and care about who inherits your Estate, and you do want everything to be ‘OK’, then

you need an up-to-date professionally drafted Will – RIGHT NOW!





Our Approach


Our Will writing service, is part of a complete package of Legal and Estate Administration services to look after you, your family and your assets

What might surprise you to know is that Will Writing is not a regulated industry, but for your added protection we treat it as though it were. As members of the Newleaf Will Writers Federation of which there are over 100 around the country, we carry Professional Indemnity Insurance and are the only Will Writing company that has every Will independently checked as well as offering a cancellation option within a 14 day cooling off period. 


The Service

We provide a high-quality personal service, which is straightforward, hassle free and excellent value, giving you the time and freedom to discuss your requirements in a relaxed and confidential environment, your home.   At our initial meeting which generally lasts around 2 hours we take full details of your circumstances and wishes.  We will then take this information away and look at the best and most tax efficient way of writing your Wills to achieve this after which we will send you your Wills in draft form. 

You will be able to make as many changes to your draft as needed and each time we will send you an updated draft.  Once you are completely satisfied the draft Will meets your requirements, we will produce a final and bound copy for signature and witnessing, which we will arrange to have securely stored. 

We charge fixed fees for the production of Wills and our other service, so you know what it is going to cost you from the outset.  Our Wills are bespoke; therefore do not all cost the same.  Some are more complicated than others, but the price we agree is fixed. 

For a copy of our Terms of Service including our fee structure click here

The reason we use the term Joint Wills rather than Mirror Wills is that, sometimes, they do not exactly mirror each other. Many couples have slightly different requests, they may have children from previous relationships or wish to specify different gifts to their beneficiaries e.g. in one of the Wills the man might gift his medals to his son whilst in the wife’s Will she might wish to leave her jewellery to her daughter.

Regardless of requirements each couple will always receive 2 wills, which will ensure their validity regardless of who passes first.


Why Use Us To Write Your Will? 

  • From the time you first contact us until your Will is complete you will experience a welcoming and friendly service with access to us when needed
  • No legal talk! We use plain simple language and a friendly approach
  • We prefer to visit you in the comfort of your own home to discuss all aspects involved in writing your Will.  You may visit the office if you prefer.
  • We are also happy to visit you in the evening or weekends and there will be no extra charge for this service.
  • With us, it’s always family first. Why would you want to protect other assets before protecting your family
  • Every Will is double checked by a trained professional for errors and technical content and to ensure it fully complies with your wishes
  • We do not offer off-the-shelf pre-printed Wills or cheap on-line Wills.  
  • We will spend whatever time you need with us to ensure everything is explained clearly and to make sure you understand everything about the process
  • Nothing is too much trouble and we will always go that extra mile to ensure we provide exactly what you need and that you are fully satisfied with our service


                                  Our Wills Are As Individual As You Are